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Having trouble deciding what to wear? We know that it can be a stressful task but we have designed a guide for what kind of attire goes with what type of shoot you are having.

If all else fails, wear something that you feel comfortable in & makes you feel good!


Tip # 3: In home Session

Pull colours from your home. Wear similar colours to the room you want to have this done. Maybe there is a rug on the floor or some pillows on the couch that you would want to pull colours from, or perhaps  you have a guitar on the wall that you can pull colour from.

Tip # 1: The Colour Wheel

The colours that are set out across from each other "should" work well together.

Tip #2: Family Photos

When families have no idea what colours to dress in, I would suggest wearing any combination of cream, grey, and tan.


 Matching everyone's outfit isn't necessarily the objective. A great tip that I came across was "coordinate". 

For example, if a family photo is what we are going for;

Step 1: Dress your youngest child in jeans (grey or light blue) and a two toned shirt (cream and grey) for a total of three colours.

Step 2: Now dress one parent's shirt to match the colour of the youngest child's shirt (Cream coloured)

Step 3: Dress the second child in an outfit that matches the undertone of the first child's shirt (tan)

Step 4: Dress the other parent to have their shirt match the pants of the first child (grey or light blue)

Tip # 4: Accessorize

Pop some colours with a sun hat, jewellery, shoes or a watch. These can all compliment your personality and its great for confidence. Don't be afraid to search up ideas on Pinterest!

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