Capture Alberta Photography is a Photography sole proprietorship run by Chris Morphy.

The Business was developed in 2020 but the vision was created in the early stages of life in the 1990’s.  The creativity of Capture Alberta was sparked at each family event that Chris was supposed to capture on an old flash and develop film camera that his mom owned for years. On every special occasion, Chris got to shoot on his Grandma’s flash and develop camera as well, it was an honour. 

Chris enjoyed the trips to The Real Canadian Superstore photo centre where they were able to develop the negatives into enlargements. Although this fascinated him in so many ways, he never did get the chance to get experience developing photos of his own except for one week in grade 9. 


After a few years of doing family gatherings on the flash and develop camera, Chris’s parents bought an Olympus 3.0 MP point and shoot digital camera (2004-2006). This was the first camera that Chris could tinker with and start on manual mode (which really meant nothing at the time to him). The real deal maker of this camera was the ability to instantly import the photos onto the computer and see how they turned out.


In 2009, Chris moved out on his own and took a break from photography and took on a new role as being a parent and working full time. Although this new chapter came on strong, it didn’t take long until Chris reunited with Photography. Instagram changed the way in which we see photography on the daily and in 2014, Chris purchased a used Nikon D3200 DSLR camera that he would be able to call his own and post a bunch of photos on instagram. He self-taught himself manual mode on the camera and was able to start mastering the camera again by doing many family events and landscape photography to get feedback online.


In 2018, Chris decided that he was ready for a new camera and purchased a brand new Nikon D7500. His main focus for having this camera was to learn new features and get good enough with the camera by the time he travelled to Africa in August of 2019.


In 2020, Chris took his photography skills to the next level and started his own sole proprietorship, naming it Capture Alberta. He also earned a certificate for completing the photography course through IAP career college.  

2020 - 2021, Chris achieved multiple certificates through the Burwell School of Photography's accredited classes such as, Camera Fundamentals, Photographic Composition, Flash Photography, Portrait Photography & Architectural Photography.


More To Come...

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